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5 Types of Persistent Clutter – Minimalism – It’s Just Me

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Yay! Vlogging again!! This one is about the 5 Types of Persistent Clutter #Minimalism

Documentary about Calgary Female Magician “Girl on Fire” Plaza Screening!!

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Last night in Calgary was the screening of Pyramid Production’s Documentary “Girl on Fire” staring female magician, yours truly. It was amazing to see it up on the big screen and hear the laugher from the audience, just a compleatly thrill.

We also screened a little pre-show video featuring some of my funniest friends who were not in attendance.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming out to the screening yesterday! I’m so grateful that all of you took the time, it means the world to me.
Thx to Justin Wondga for all the great photos!

Before the theatrical screening at the plaza theatre last night we aired this video, huge hit!

Special thank you to:
Joe Diamond
Paul Draper
David Parr
Rick Gerber
Ryan Dubya Stock, AmberLynn Walker & Nick Diffatte

Get your Tickets to see Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire!!!

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Check out the trailer here

[tickets events=”1,2″ template=”



This time last year many of us were working hard to put on a big magic show in Vegas. The amazing team at Pyramid with the guidance of director Buddy Day made a documentary about the whole struggle.

Wednesday, October 19 at 9 PM
THE PLAZA THEATRE 1133 Kensington Road N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P4

This is your chance to see it on the big screen!!

Check out a review of the documentary thus far

Fire Eating on the News in Edmonton

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Yay! I was on the news representing the amazing Deadmonton haunt
Click here to watch!!


Glass Walking Circus Stunts in Calgary, Alberta

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Great glass walking shot from Circle The Wagons
Thx Patricia Taylor for this nice shot!

Glass Walking Calgary

Amazing time at CenterFest this year!!

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windly stilts

It’s Children’s Festival Season

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It’s that time of year again, kid’s fests as fast as the eye can see.


This highly interactive kid’s comedy shows with Dee DEE are perfect for the little ones! Watch them just flip over Dee-Dee’s amazing silly acts. Kids love to play along with all the playful fun, while Dee-Dee keeps them laughing from start to finish.

Make it Bigger by Adding:


You just can’t go wrong with amazing award winning entertainer Dee-Dee Darling!!!!!!

Contact Our Event Management Team

We can help answer a variety of questions to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

Contact Our Event Management Team

We can help answer a variety of questions to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

“..the best children’s show I’ve ever seen!” – Judith Burns – Calgary Mom 2015

“Had them screaming with laughter, didn’t lose them for a moment” – Sarah Coleman – Calgary Mom 2015

★ 10 Years Experience Entertaining Children
★ Award Winning Children’s’ Entertainer
★ References & Police Background Check Available

Announcing my New Kid Genius Magic Show!

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A new High Impact Children’s Magic show Designed to Keep Kids Laughing and Learning

with award winning Calgary based magician Carisa Hendrix
(Recommended for ages 4–11)
Length: 10 – 60 minutes

This show is all about creating fun magical moments that are based on puzzles, taking kids on an adventure that will hone their critical thinking skills and leave them thrilled and feeling smart.

A wonderful mix of comedy, goofy antics, puzzles and amazing magical acts. You can expect lots of audience participation in this one-of-a-kind kids show that is getting booked all over the country.

Best enjoyed indoors, very little setup time or performance area required

Amazing Magic
Comedy & Playful Tricks
Audience Participation
Slight of Hand
and More

Contact Our Event Management Team

We can help answer a variety of questions to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

Proof that Weird Little Kids Become Weirder Adults

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At the age of 2, I would apparently take my napkin in both hands, gently dab the corners of my mouth after each bite of food and replace in my lap like a tiny little miss manners. It’s one of my Dad’s favorite stories to tell and one of my favorite to hear.

The day before my sixth grade graduation the teacher had each student take turns leavening the room so the rest of the class could pick 2 qualities that best described them. These words would go written beside the photo of you that would be prominently featured in the front display case of the school. I recall it felt like forever before they invited me back in when it was my turn. When I got back they had picked kind and unique.

Little Girl Carisa Hendrix

A friend later told me that the class got into an argument over whether the word strange, weird or “freaky” best described me. The teacher mediated by telling the class that the world “Unique” was a nicer word and why not go with that.

Now years later, this full time performer and profesional weirdo is grateful for a head start at being “unique”. You do you, it’s worth it.

Little Carisa Hendrix

Calgary Magician Carisa Hendrix in her Vegas Show

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As performed at The Tommy Wind Theater in Las Vegas in October 2015. Thank you to iTrick for featuring this video last week, much appreciated.

Writen & Performed – Carisa Hendrix
Co-Star & Additional Creative – Jamie Tea
Choreography – Natalka Lewis
Dancers – Natalka Lewis, Jamie Tea, Nicole Wasylenko & Janelle Rae Ferrara
Props & Set Builder – Paul Bezaire & Carisa Hendrix
Assistant Building – Chris Visser & Vernon Hendrix
Music – Simon TJ
Lyrics – Carisa Hendrix / Simon TJ
Lead Vocals – Amy Thiessen
Additional Vocals – Simon TJ & Carisa Hendrix
Sound & Light Tech – Paul Bezaire
Director – David Parr
Costumes – Carisa Hendrix, Anni Christina & Dianna Martin
Make Up & Hair – Tracy Falukozi
Electronics & LED – Nick Stoll
Additional Electronics – Riley L Taylor
Project Manager – Sarah Knight

“Time Ghosts”

Fire Eater Shoot with Photographer Jt Young

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I just love shooting with JT, with image was actually used in the paper. Check out his blog by clicking here. There he writes,

This was an interesting space but we made the mistake of shooting in it too long. We both felt sick afterwards from the combination of mouldy dust and humidity (the insides of my nose were black from the dust…)

Hire Fire Eater Calgary

I don’t think we’ve had a change to shoot together since I got more focused on magic and illusions. I still love working with fire and there is a lot of fire even in m y magic shows now but I would love to work with JT in a shoot inspired by my magic. A girl can dream.

If you enjoy this image, you might want to check out my modeling galley that shows some of the work I’ve done over the last 6 years. Enjoy!

Calgary Magician Performing Feature Act Las Vegas

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This video features miss Carisa Hendrix, Calgary based female Magician performing at the Tommy Wind Theatre on the Las Vegas Strip in her original show “Temporala”

This act is know as the Time Travel Bottles.

Recently featured on the IWMPA blog, an exclusive organization for women of the performing magical arts.

Alice in Wonderland – Stilt Walking in Calgary

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by Neil McElmon Photography

Image by Neil McElmon Photography

I just love this character. As Alice I can wander about asking children if they have seen my rabbit. It’s not long before one of them tosses on those ears and I get to play hide and go still walk. So much fun!!

This image is from stilt walking at Circle the Wagons in Calgary AB, Canada.

A Classic Carnival 10-in-1 Circus Sideshow

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Continuous, interactive vintage circus entertainment like nothing you have ever seen before. Step right up and see the Canada’s only running classic ten-in-one show, with everything from the circus tents, to the carnival barker to the fat bearded lady. This show is uniquely designed to engage crowds for short sets and encourages guests to move around your event. Perfect for buffet style dinners or events looking for ongoing casual yet thrilling entertainment. Our comical and clever script creates a seamless theatrical experience from act to act and through out your event. The show is built on a and a half (1.5) hour loop, allowing guests who may have missed the act the first time the opportunity to catch it later.

Awards and Accolades: Our “Ten-in-One” contributed to Ballyhoo Entertainment being awarded 2013’s Best Entertainment in Canada. This show includes a Guinness World Record Holder, 2 award winning actor and respected specialists in both circus sideshow and magic. We are currently the only traveling Ten-in-One show in Canada. This show took the combined efforts of eight (8) artists and writers as well as a circus historian to build and we are exceptionally proud of it.