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Tim Ferriss Talks about Dealing with Haters

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Great video about dealing with negative comments online. I have had my fair share of haters since releasing the fire eating DVD and co-hosting on The Good Atheist. Every hurtful comment or email hit me hard and this video was the ointment I needed to cool the sting.

Tim Ferriss keynote The Next Web Conference 2010 – Love the Haters from The Next Web on Vimeo.

Also make sure to check out Tim’s article Tim Ferriss Scam! Practical Tactics for Dealing with Haters.

Glossary of Skills & Acts

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Angle Grinder
Fire Arts & Sideshow Stunt
The spinning blade of a power tool comes dangerously close to vital parts as the dancer grinds metal plates on the body producing an incredible spray of bright sparks.

    • 3-5 minute Act
    • Available: Act to Music
Balloon Artist
Roving Style Act
A Balloon artist can add wonderful fun to any event. Children have the opportunity of asking for a customized toy made specially for them in front right before their very eyes. There is magic in the act of watching a balloon take shape and life.

      • Rates are hourly
      • Available: Themed balloon sets including zoo, space, princess & fairy, dinosaurs, super heros and medieval.
      • Adult themed ballons are available upon request
Blade Swallowing
Magic Trick & Sideshow Stunt
Imagine a girl on stage with an unopened pack of sharp razor blades. An audience member inspects the blades carefully before the entertainer proceeds to swallow each blade. It is a thrilling and amazing act.

        • 10-15 minute Act
        • Available: As a Comedy Act
Block Head
Sideshow Stunt
Block head is a dangerous and classic act of the old circus sideshow where nails, pins or spicks are forcibly shoved into the skull via the nasal cavity. It is a challenge to watch but once you do you can’t look away. It’s weird, gross and some have said entrancing act.

          • 10-15 minute Act
          • Available: As a Comedy Act
Fan Dance
With Fire, Glow, Cultural or Contemporary
A fan dance is a dance performed with one or more fans. This form has been adapted in various countries. The Korean fan dance, for example, evolved from Joseon Dynasty court dances and remains a popular form of traditional Korean dance. The Spanish or Portuguese flamenco makes dramatic use of fans.

Fan Dance is a highly varied art form; Glow Poi, Fire Poi, contemporary or classic Cultural Fans.

            • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
            • Available: Solo or Duo Acts
            • Suggested theme pairing: Tribal, Cultural Events, Burlesque or Vegas.
Fire Breathing
Sideshow Stunt & Fire Dance
Fire breathing is an excellent finally to any show.

It can be performed quite safety, with a fire permit and is appropriate for many themes and event styles including circus theme, carnival, medieval, Mardi Gras and Arabian Nights.

              • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
              • Available: As a Comedy Act or to Music
Fire Eating & Fire Manipulation
Sideshow Stunt & Fire Dance
Fire eating and other contact fire tricks, such as lighting one’s forearm or tongue, are all part of the realm of fire manipulation. This is a beautiful and dangerous style of performing as old as theater itself.

It can be performed quite safety indoors with a fire permit and is appropriate for many themes and event styles including circus theme, carnival, medieval, Mardi Gras and Arabian Nights.

              • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
              • Available: As a Comedy Act or to Music
Glass Walking
Sideshow Stunt
Glass walking is a dangerous and classic act of the old circus sideshow. Bare feet in real shards of broken glass, she walks, she jumps, she dances across the shards. An act not to be missed!

              • 10-15 minute Act
              • Available: As a Comedy Act or to Music
Hoop Dance
With Fire, Glow or Contemporary
Hoop Dance is a high impact, high energy performance dance style that is wonderful to watch. In contrast to the classic toy hula hoop, modern hoopers frequently rotate the hoop around parts of the body other than the waist, including the hips, chest, neck, shoulders, thighs, knees, arms, hands, thumbs, feet and toes and create complicated trick combinations that are incredibly engaging to an audience.

Hoop Dance is a highly varied art form; Glow Poi, Fire Poi, or Contemporary Hoop.

                • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
                • Available: As a Comedy Act or to Music
Kid’s Circus Play-Shop
Children’s Entertainment
Children wander into a colourful display of interesting circus props. They are free to play with things they may otherwise never have have the opportunity to see and there is always a coach on hand to show them a few tricks and tips.

                  • All artists have experience working with children and background checks
                  • Available: As casual circus station or a full class
Poi Spinning
With Fire, Glow, Cultural or Contemporary
Poi Spinning is a highly varied art form; Glow Poi, Fire Poi, contemporary or classic Cultural Poi. Poi originated with the Māori people of New Zealand, where it is still practiced today and involved the spinning of balls on the end of rope of chain in rhythmic dance.

                    • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
                    • Available: Solo or Duo Acts
Staff Spinning
With Fire, Glow, Cultural or Contemporary
Staff spinning is an art form native to a few cultures, most commonly known from the Polynesian Fire dancers. Also known as deeblesticks, it involved a great deal of the techniques derived from martial art forms such as bo and jo stick, eskrima and aikido.

Staff Spinning is a highly varied art form; Glow Poi, Fire Poi, Contemporary or classic Cultural Staff.

                      • All artists are insured for Fire Performance
                      • Available: Solo or Duo Acts
Stilt Walking
Roving Act
A stilt walker can add to the atmosphere and sense of occasion at an event. It also provides guests with a wonderful photo opportunity.

A large variety of characters are available and we are always happy to custom design something for your event. Just ask.

                        • Rates are hourly
                        • Available: Up to 5 Rovers

Here is a Fun Party Game (play drunk or with children, but not both)

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Image by kevindooley

Here’s a game that’s great for both kids and adults. I introduced the game at a Christmas party with co-workers a few years ago. My boss later asked me to email her the instructions to the game and I realized there is no write up for the game online. I figure this was my chance to add this great little game to the vast information stream of the Internet. Enjoy.

Henry & Sally – Game Instructions

  1. Take two objects, they can be anything, the sillier the better. At a dinner party silverware or a wristwatch work well. Name one object Henry and the other Sally.
  2. Now here’s where it gets fun. When the game begins you will pass each object in a different direction in the circle. Before each person passes the object to the next person they must introduce it to the receiver in the following way; “This is Henry (or Sally depending on which object it is)”.
  3. The person receiving it must ask “Who?”, to which the first person repeats the name of the object, i.e., “Henry”. The receiver will now accept the object and follow the same steps in passing it to the next person.

Object of the Game: To get both objects back to their starting places without messing up.

Now this seems simple, however when the two objects pass at some point it will confuse the player. Some people get mixed up hearing the other object being introduced at the other end of the table. The silly mess ups make this game a great ice breaker.

If you want to make the game more fun, you can stipulate that every time someone messes up, the group must start over and switch the names of the objects. Have fun!

Spring Clean Like a Minimalist – The 100 Thing Challenge

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Spring cleaning is trending on Twitter which means the nice weather is just around the corner. I have a deep love for the spring scrub and purge ritual that stems from childhood. Working together as a family to de-clutter and downsize, wash and scrub is a cherished memory. Opening all the windows and doors to get the staleness of winter out and bring in the smell of spring always gave me the satisfying feeling of a fresh start.

People just need to reboot now and again and have a chance to feel free and clear of all that built up mental and physical junk. In high school and college, the semester breaks cut your educational career into manageable chunks and I think we can use spring cleaning as a way to break our lives up in the same way. Every year around this time I make a big deal of getting everything under control; laundry, home repairs, the closets, the fridge, everything.

This year I thought, why not shake things up, why not do something a little more interesting, fun, and introspective? Why not narrow my personal things down to 100 items and get rid of the rest?

The idea first came to me from the Zen Habits article on the 100 items challenge, which sparked my interest and sent me on a wild Google search for others who had challenged themselves to this practice in radical minimalism. Low and behold, Dave Bruno, the originator of the idea, had written a book on the topic. In the spirit of minimalism, I bought the Kindle version and started to read.

I love the idea of the 100 Thing Challenge and want to try it out for myself, so I will. As of the end of this month, I will own no more that 100 items. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be narrowing my worldly possessions down to the bare essentials. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing yourself I recommend you check out Dave Bruno’s wonderful book The 100 Thing Challenge

How I plan to explore this challenge:

  • Read Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge book
  • Find & read other books and resources about the human relationship with stuff, consumerism, minimalism, and hoarding
  • Go through my things and reduce to 100 items
  • Check up on my 100 items periodically to see how I’m doing
  • Explore the effects on my life and my happiness

Resources for this article:
Dave’s original post that inspired his later book
The Times‘ Article About the 100 Thing Challenge
The Zen Habits‘ blog article

The Joy of 30 day Challenges

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Turning 24 was different. It was the first birthday I began to feel remotely grown up. This new sense of looming adulthood was alarming and made me call into question my efforts to become the woman I wanted to become.

After a 11 months travel binge, returning home for my birthday was a great opportunity to reflect on what I wanted out of my next trip around the sun. I made a list, my go-to solution, of important things I wanted to work on then spent the next few weeks working on all my resolutions, on and off, in an attempt to cram in personal development in the same characteristic way I used to study for finals. Vowing to eat better, get more sleep and answer all email within 48 hours then abandoning the me resolutions to watch 10 episodes of Monk on Netflix and eat an entire bag of potato chips.

Overwhelmed by my own overcompensation, I needed a better solution.

One late night, whille ignoring my resolution to sleep better, I decided to watch some TED talks. A video by Matt Cutts about creating 30 day challenges struck me. I decided to make my own list of fun 30 day challenges that would help me work with more focus and hopefully more success.

I am naturally an obsessive person so this appealed me me.

Bellow is a table created to make it easy to follow my challenges, new articles will be added for each area. I hope you will watch the video embedded at the end of the article and consider starting a 30 day challenge yourself.

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This is the “try something for 30 days” TED Talk referenced above. Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google, where he fights link-spam and helps webmasters understand how search works. Read more at

If you want to follow along with my challenges, bookmark this page as the table will be updated with any new post. Let me know if you’re doing any challenges yourself I’d love to read about your experience. Please email me at

Resources for this article:
Ready For A challenge Via
Matt Cutts’s Inspiring Ted Talk
How Long to Form a Habit? Via PsyBlog