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Articles for Performers

Alice in Wonderland – Stilt Walking in Calgary

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by Neil McElmon Photography

Image by Neil McElmon Photography

I just love this character. As Alice, I can wander about asking children if they have seen my rabbit. It’s not long before one of them tosses on those ears and I get to play hide and go stilt walk. So much fun!!

This image is from stilt walking at Circle the Wagons in Calgary AB, Canada.

A Classic Carnival 10-in-1 Circus Sideshow

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Continuous, interactive vintage circus entertainment like nothing you have ever seen before. Step right up and see the Canada’s only running classic ten-in-one show, with everything from the circus tents, to the carnival barker to the fat bearded lady. This show is uniquely designed to engage crowds for short sets and encourages guests to move around your event. Perfect for buffet style dinners or events looking for ongoing casual yet thrilling entertainment. Our comical and clever script creates a seamless theatrical experience from act to act and throughout your event. The show is built on a and a half (1.5) hour loop, allowing guests who may have missed the act the first time the opportunity to catch it later.

Awards and Accolades: Our “Ten-in-One” contributed to Ballyhoo Entertainment being awarded 2013’s Best Entertainment in Canada. This show includes a Guinness World Record Holder, 2 award winning actor and respected specialists in both circus sideshow and magic. We are currently the only traveling Ten-in-One show in Canada. This show took the combined efforts of eight (8) artists and writers as well as a circus historian to build and we are exceptionally proud of it.

Ten-in-One acts include, but are not limited to:
The Escape Artist, The Man Eating Chicken, The Headless Woman, The Unbelievable Tattooed Lady, Incredible Impenetrable Girl, The World’s Most Beautiful Bearded Lady, The World’s Strongest Man, Dr B.A. Shyster and his Medicine Show, The Levitating Guru and The Haunted Chamber. Descriptions & scripts of each of theses acts available upon request.

Contact Our Event Management Team

We are available to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

by Neil McElmon Photography

Image by Neil McElmon Photography

Show requires access to power outlets.
Although we can perform at ground level, this show is best enjoyed on a raised platform or stage. 25′ X 10′ minimum staging area.
Show requires a ceiling clearance of minimum 7′ to allow for tents and acrobatic acts.
We are always happy to include special notes or announcement into our script or have our carnival barker announce prizes and emcee other elements of the event.

Medieval Dinner Theatre Show at the Edmonton Celtic Hall

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As usual, Christmas was crazy. For us entertainers, the holidays are never the normal sort of insanity the rest of the world experiences; with all the stress about gifts, family, and turkey dinners, no. Christmas season is about doing as many gigs as possible without losing one’s mind.

This year proved to be a lot more fun than I expected since I was asked to be part of a dinner theatre production in Edmonton, Fridays and Saturdays for 4 weekends in December.

Our cast was a team of brilliant and talented variety arts performers and improvers. I can’t tell you how incredibly fun it was to play together in this show. I already miss my little circus family but there are rumours that the run might continue in 2013. Here’s hoping.

Contact Our Event Management Team to Book for Your Event

We can help answer a variety of questions to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

Update October 25th 2015: Wonderful news! The Celtic Hall has decided to bring back the medieval dinner show for a 2015 run. It really is an amazing show perfect for any family for office party and very reasonably priced for what it included. For more information and to get your tickets check out their website at


Calgary Lucky Carnival 10 – in 1

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Calgary Circus Entertainment

YAY!!! I Love this show! Thanks everyone! Photo by Dallis Joseph Swiatek

Wow Factor Entertainment: Calgary Fire Dancers

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I’m so excited to announce that the fire dance show is growing and expanding in 2014. Fire, LED Light, Glow and Black Light Performances incorporate dance, thrilling stunts, music and specialty costumes to create a beautiful and unique performance and that wow factor your are looking for at your next event. Show can include but is not limited to: fire eating, fire breathing, fire/LED staff, fire/LED hoop, fire/LED poi, fire fans, silk fans, fire acrobatics and fire magic.

4 Different Stage Show Options Available

The Ignite & Excite Fire Show – High Impact Fire Dance
The Lucky Carnival Fire Circus Show – A Family Comedy Fire Show
The Fire & Ice Show – A High Energy, Fun, Modern Fire and LED Dance
The Tribal-Tron Show – A Playful Dance and LED Light Manipulation Show

Themes available: Fire & Ice, Tribal, Modern Contemporary, Cirque Style, Vintage Carnival, Futuristic, Bollywood, Hawaiian and Vegas.

Printable Detail Sheet:

Troupe Demo Video:
Carisa Hendrix Demo:
Carisa Fire for TV:
LED Light Demo: