I was the only big coffee drinker in the house. Since I’d rather not make an entire pot every morning, I usually went without.

I kept hearing buzz about this cute little AeroPress unit that made rich coffee with less bitterness and acidity, one cup at a time. I was skeptical. It was a press system and I had a bad experience using my friend’s French Press and getting a mouth full of grit in my last few sips, yuck.

I was on the fence until Lifehacker got on board. Suddenly I needed one now, express shipping please!

Now 2 months later, I am glad to say there are no signs of buyer’s remorse. I have found a few little hacks that allow me to make myself fantastic frothy lattes every morning in under 4 minutes. The coffee is as good as the hype and pleasantly grit free.

If you want one for yourself the AeroPress is usually sold for less than $35. I’ve seen them at high end coffee shop but you can also just grab it online.

Here’s a video I put together showing how to make a 4 minute Caramel Macchiato. Enjoy 🙂

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