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Medieval Dinner Theatre Show at the Edmonton Celtic Hall


As usual, Christmas was crazy. For us entertainers, the holidays are never the normal sort of insanity the rest of the world experiences; with all the stress about gifts, family, and turkey dinners, no. Christmas season is about doing as many gigs as possible without losing one’s mind.

This year proved to be a lot more fun than I expected since I was asked to be part of a dinner theatre production in Edmonton, Fridays and Saturdays for 4 weekends in December.

Our cast was a team of brilliant and talented variety arts performers and improvers. I can’t tell you how incredibly fun it was to play together in this show. I already miss my little circus family but there are rumours that the run might continue in 2013. Here’s hoping.

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Update October 25th 2015: Wonderful news! The Celtic Hall has decided to bring back the medieval dinner show for a 2015 run. It really is an amazing show perfect for any family for office party and very reasonably priced for what it included. For more information and to get your tickets check out their website at


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6 Responses to Medieval Dinner Theatre Show at the Edmonton Celtic Hall

  1. Dora DeCosse

    Please reply to above

    • Carisa Hendrix

      Reply to what exactly?

  2. Greg

    Do you do this all year?

    • Carisa Hendrix

      Mostly just at Christmas

  3. Wendy

    Looking to book a venue for a party Jan 25 2020
    for 40-50 guests
    Dinner / dance
    looking to hire a live band
    Inquiring about the Celtic Hall
    plus open to suggestions!

    • Carisa Hendrix

      Hey Wendy,

      You’ll want to contact the hall directly.


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