On February 2nd of this year(2012) Firepedia experienced a traffic surge that surpassed what could be handled by our server. This resulted in our host taking down the site for 10 hours until we asked nicely and they put it back up. As the new traffic levels continued, users began to experience errors and glitches and it became clear that we needed to move.

Once we found a new server, we started the move only to discover that the increase in traffic had attracted the interest of hackers who had unleashed a horrible nightmare onto the Firepedia team. 1200 files had embedded hack codes that re-directed readers to other sites. Luckily we were able to avoid compromising anyone’s account (unfortunately we had to delete them to do this). After that the stressful and delicate surgery of getting our site back up and moved to our more robust and secure server we are now working on recovering a few lost articles.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during all this. And welcome to all the new readers.


Shortly after publishing this article and getting a good night sleep for the first time in days a vulnerability in the new server we had moved to was exploited by the same hackers and we lost everything for a 2nd time. It was heart breaking and the technical support was unsympathetic and very unhelpful.

Based on the recommendation of web-developers much smarter than us, we purchased server space on a more secure service from another company and started rebuilding yet again. I really hope this is the last catastrophe for a while and we can go back to producing content for you guys.

Thank you again for your patience and all the emails and messages of support. You have been wonderful during all this. Thank you

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