Lucy Darling Enamel Pins

For the true fans with good taste. Lucy Approved!
$8 USD & Free Shipping in the USA!!!
Image design by Jennifer Bain


Book Production

Make a book appear inside an empty bag
$25 digital download
These instructions and design files will help you to create your own book production prop in under an hour.

Spark Deck

This is an easy to use tool for creating creative magic

The spark cards are designed to offer magicians inspiration that will effectively aid in creating an original effect or performance. The 46 cards each contain a main suggestion, with related ideas printed above and below for further inspiration.

Bubble University

Instructions on how to create your own bubble show

This course is designed to get you on the road to performing a bubble show of your very own. Bubble performances are highly interactive, mind-blowing spectacles of seemingly impossible feats with soap. Bubble shows are whimsical, engaging, and even amaze adults with how much is actually possible. Your new show will satisfy educators and parents by teaching the real-world science of air pressure, surface tension, and shapes while being a playful laugh-a-minute performance everyone will love.

How To Eat Fire

Fire Eating Instructional DVD (18 and over)

The secrets of an ancient art REVEALED! Carisa walks you through a compilation of tips, tricks, and facts collected over years of research and experience. This DVD is designed to break down complicated and dangerous tricks into easy-to-follow steps that will build your confidence and allow you to master this beautiful art. More than 12 Different Tricks and Variations, from Fire eating to transfers, from the Human Candle to the Palm Extinguish.$22 USD – Digital Download