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Acting with Extra Special Skills

Carisa Hendrix grew up fascinated by magic, designing tricks for her friends at school at the age of ten. By the time she graduated from high school she had fallen in love with fire eating and the sideshow and was doing shows as a sideshow & circus artist. It wasn’t long before a local a magician saw her show and hired her as his lovely assistant. Over the next 4 years, she would work with for 6 different magicians in this capacity before leaving her work as an assistant to begin work on a magic show of her own.

Since that attempt to strike out on her own, Hendrix has done hundreds of magic shows, been featured on iTrick, written for magic magazines, stage managed for the largest magic convention in the world and wrote and performed in her own illusion show in Las Vegas in 2015.

Recently Hendrix’s magic was showcased nationwide in a feature length Super Channel documentary what aired through October of 2016.

Slight of Hand
Quick Change
Cards & Coins
Magic Stunts

Hendrix continues to create original magic for shows all over Canada, creating custom props and new magic in her Calgary studio & Workshop.

Carisa out in the World of Magic

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