Carisa Hendrix

Canada-based touring magician and circus stunt girl, best known for the persona Lucy Darling.

Photo of Carisa Hendrix taken by Dana Lynn Pleasant

Carisa Hendrix is a respected magician and variety artist who brings magic and mayhem to the stage with their semi-improvided stage shows.

This larger-than-life performer has earned accolades for their bold illusions and cheeky comedic flair. Winning over 15-time different awards and thrilling audiences worldwide.

Known for their skills in circus stunts, bubble sculpting, and magic, Hendrix has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014 Book, Page 86) and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire, which follows the trials and tribulations of creating a new magic and illusion show on the Las Vegas strip.

Hendrix is the 2021 recipient of the Carlton Award from the Magic Circle in London, the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award, and was recently awarded Stage Magician of the Year at the world-famous Magic Castle for a historic second year in a row.

You might have seen Hendrix in one of their online projects such as the Protector’s Chronicles or The Art of Slow Motion Fire Eating. Or perhaps you recognize her for the expertise she displays in her best-selling instructional DVD on Fire Eating and the 1000+ fire-eating students who have learned from her firsthand in classes all over Canada & the USA.

To learn more about Carisa Hendrix, check out the incredible cover story in Genii magazine in the May 2020 issue written by Dustin Stinett:

“Magic arrived on her radar at a young age. “I would sit with my dad and watch David Copperfield, Max Maven’s show, and other TV magic specials. He’d ask, ‘How do you think he did that?’ I’d come up with some outrageous— and wrong—method and he’d say, ‘Yeah, I think you’re right.’ “

Quick Stats

Born: Prince Albert, SK & Raised in Calgary AB
Citizenship: Canadian
Languages Spoken: English & French
Education: Alberta College of Art & Design


★ 2022 Stage Magician of the Year at the world-famous Magic Castle for the 2nd time
★ 2022 Magical Valentine’s Magician of the Year award from Vanish Magic Magazine and Remarkable Magic
★ 2022 “Ones to Watch” from the One Ahead Club
★ 2022 Jack Gwynne Award for performance excellence at the Abbots Get Together
★ 2021 recipient of the Carlton Award from the Magic Circle
★ 2020 Calgary’s Herald’s 20 Compelling Calgarians
★ 2019 Stage Magician of the Year at the world-famous Magic Castle
★ 2019 recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award for Candian Rising Star
★ 2019 Canada’s Magic’s Beacon of Inspiration 
★ 2018 Guinness Book of World Records for “24 fire torches ignited using electricity through the human body.”
★ 2017 Award for Best Comedy Magic Show at the Melbourne Magic Festival
2013 Canada’s Best Entertainer from the Wedding Industry Expert Awards
2013 Best Toastmaster from the Wedding Industry Expert Awards 

★ 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for the fire-eating stunt “Longest Torch Teething” in Rome, Italy
★ 2011 Crowned Miss Alt Calgary for Modeling Work
★ 2010 Maverick Movie Award [Nominee], Best Actress: Short

Early Life – How did you get into this?

Growing up in Calgary as a young child, Hendrix was an avid youth volunteer, where they met the actors, magicians, and circus performers that would help to shape their early career. At sixteen, Hendrix’s interest in the carnival sideshow was sparked by a chance encounter with an elderly sideshow performer and the misguided support of a high school chum. After only a few months of training, they began doing small shows, and despite their astonishingly low quality, more bookings kept coming in.

After high school, Hendrix took a job as an educator & program director at a few not-for-profits working with children, but it was too late; her love for performing was apparent. As rewarding as teaching was, the shiny allure of the stage was just too enticing.

Education – Where did you learn this stuff?

Hendrix was fortunate to work alongside a massive roster of talented artists and entertainers early in their career. These individuals provided encouragement, vital knowledge, and support, opening Hendrix’s eyes to a variety of different performative styles and keeping them thoroughly humbled for many years.

Hendrix has always been an avid learner and studied acting, dance, comedy, circus, prop manipulation, vaudeville, burlesque, modeling, and magic. After being accepted to ACAD (the Alberta College of Art and Design) in 2007, she also studied visual and performance art, graphic design, and video. This varied, somewhat haphazard education culminated in the signature style that Hendrix is known for.

Alberta College of Art & Design 2007- 2010
One Yellow Rabbit Lab Intensive 2012