Carisa Hendrix

A Canada-based touring magician and circus stunt girl who best known for the persona Lucy Darling.

Photo of Carisa Hendrix taken by Dana Lynn Pleasant

Carisa Hendrix is a respected magician, circus stunt girl and bubble performer featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014 Book, Page 86) and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. This 8-time award winning performers has been thrilling audiences all over Canada and internationally for the past 16 years with her signature blend of classy, cute comedy entertainment.

Multi-talented, she has a huge vocabulary of Circus Skills, Sideshow Stunts and Magic effects under her belt as well as Balloon Sculpting, Stilt Walking, Fire Dance, Visual Art and Acting. She is the star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire which documents the trials and tribulations of creating her own full-lengthened magic and illusion show on the Las Vegas strip. Hendrix is this year’s recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award and was recently nominated a second year in a row for Stage Magician of the Year at the wold famous Magic Castle. Hendrix is also the co-host of the Shezam Podcast, a weekly feminist podcast about the world of magic and variety entertainment.

As the Artistic Director of Ballyhoo Entertainment she is excited to be working with a variety of talented young artist to provide a wide range of fun & creative entertainment options for special events.

You might know her from her appearances in 2 popular Youtube projects Protector’s Chronicles (300000+ combined views) and The Art of Slow Motion Fire Eating (75000+ views). Or perhaps you recognize her for the expertise she displays in her best selling instructional DVD on Fire Eating as well as the 1000+ fire eating students who have learned from her first hand in classes all over Canada & the USA.

Quick Stats

Born: Prince Albert, SK 1987, Raised in Calgary AB
Citizenship: Canadian
Languages Spoken: English & French
Education: Alberta College of Art & Design 2007-2010, One Yellow Rabbit Lab Intensive 2012

Recent Accolades & Accomplishments

Released a full length edit of the Lucy Darling show Indulgence to aid with cabin fever durring the quarantine.
Completed 100 live performances touring between January and March 2020.
Featured in the Calgary Herald and the Kingston Standard.
Was nominated a second time in a row for Stage Magician of the Year at the wold famous Magic Castle.

Nominated for Stage Magician of the Year at the wold famous Magic Castle.
Named artist-in-residence at the Chicago Magic Lounge for 2019
Recipient for of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award Canadian rising star.
Performed at the prestigious Genii Convention, one of the most important magic conventions in the world.

Co-created Shezam a feminist podcast about magic with respected magician Kayla Drescher.
Completed a successful 2 month, 17 stop lecture tour throughout the United States.
Won a staring role in the film “The Stooge” written by Christopher Preist.

Performed on the main stage at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood
Won BEST COMEDY MAGIC SHOW for her production of “The Ladies Guide to Deceit and Debauchery” at the Melbourne International Magic Festival
Stage Managed for Magic Live in Las Vegas (again)
Lectured for the the Fraser Valley Magic Circle
Performed at the Winnipeg Fringe festival to great reviews

Stared as the subject of Super Channel’s feature length documentary “Carisa Hendrix Girl on Fire”
Created the new touring magic production of “The Ladies Guide to Deceit and Debauchery”
Stage Managed for Magic Live in Las Vegas (again)
Lectured for the Calgary magic club, the Edmonton magic club and Kidabra in Pigeon Forge Tennessee
Performed a guest spot in Chicago’s longest running weekly magic show the Magic Cabaret (again)

Stared in her original, all female, magic show on the Las Vegas Strip
Smashed her kickstarter campaign goal for Temporala an original Time-Travel Magic Show
Stage Managed for Magic Live in Las Vegas
Attended the magic castle for the first time with long time hero Ariann Black
Performed the closing ceremonies for the Canadian Ismaili Games for an audience of over 10,000
Won top 3 in Calgary’s Late Night’s Got Talent
Performed a guest spot in Chicago’s longest running weekly magic show the Magic Cabaret

Featured in the Ripple’s Believe it or Not 2014 Book
Performed with Hello Moth at the Western Canadian Music Awards
Performed the world’s first fire breathing triple high with Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker
Hired a full-time assistant

Featured in the Guinness Book of World Records 2014 for the Fire Eating Stunt, Torch Teething
Award Canada’s Best Entertainment 2013 by the Wedding Industry Experts
Created Canada’s only travailing “ten-in-one” Revival Carnival Show
Became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Canadian Association of Magicians.
Featured in the Ripple’s Believe it or Not Comic Book on March 19, 2013

Became the Guinness World Record Holder for the Fire Eating Stunt, Torch Teething in Rome, Italy
Founded Studio Stoke, a training space and art studio in downtown Calgary
Organized the 4th consecutive Prop Fest, the Alberta Juggling & Circus Festival
Was accepted to the One Yellow Rabbit Lab Intensive, and survived the full 3 weeks of training
Awarded Sponsored Artist by Juggle Gear

Landed the
Cover Story of Avenue Magazine (April 20012 issue)
Voted to the NAFAA (the North American Fire Arts Association) Council
Crowned Miss Alt Calgary, for her Alternative Modeling Work
Created and launched Firepedia, an online resource for prop manipulation and fire arts.

Finalist for Best Actress in a short film at the Maverick Movie Film Awards
Release the instructional DVD How To Eat Fire to rave reviews
Selected as Miss March for the Warrior Princess Fantasy Calendar
Featured on Alberta Primetime as an Extreme Albertan

Was selected for a juried, paid gallery showing of her Time Base, Performative Installation “Private Space” at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts which was later published in a catalogue of the work

Early Life – How did you get into this?

Growing up in Calgary as a young child, Hendrix became somewhat of a poster child for youth volunteerism in a desperate attempt to make friends. Throughout this awkward phase, she worked with community organizations, accumulated leadership awards and seemed to be on the fast track to a career in the social services helping people a feeling pleasantly superior.

The image to the right is photographic evidence of literally being a poster child for youth volunteerism

So how did this sweet little girl, become the sequin-clad, fire eating weirdo we all know today?

Well, at the age of 16 Hendrix’s interest in sideshow and showbiz was sparked by a chance encounter with a sideshow freak and the misguided support of a school chum. Soon, after only a few months of training, she was already doing small shows despite their astonishingly low quality.

After high school, she took a job as an educator & program director at a not-for-profit working with children, but it was too late, her fall to the world of low brow entertainment was inevitable. She managed to keep both careers going for a few years, but, as rewarding as teaching was, the shiny allure of the stage was just too enticing

Education – Where did you learn this stuff?

Carisa was fortunate to work alongside a long roster of talented artists and entertainers early in her showbiz career. These individuals provided encouragement, skills and support, opening her eyes to a variety of different performative styles and kept her thoroughly intimidated for many years.

She studied acting, dance, comedy, circus, prop manipulation, vaudeville, burlesque, modelling, and magic. After being accepted to ACAD (the Alberta College of Art and Design) in 2007, she also studied performance art, design, and video. This varied, if not slightly maddening education is responsible for the signature style that Hendrix is known for.

Alberta College of Art & Design 2007- 2010
One Yellow Rabbit Lab Intensive 2012

Current Projects – What are you doing now?

The last few years have been an incredible whirlwind for Carisa. After winning an acting and a modeling award, being featured on television and magazine covers and winning a guinness world record, Carisa turned more of a focus to the world of magic, comedy and lecturing.

If your interested in finding out more, in the last couple years Hendrix has began blogging about her adventures and passions here on to help digest and contemplate the weird life that has taken her over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[spoiler title=”What do I need to know/do to have Fire Performance at my event?”] Not much. Though we may have to jump through a few hoops before we can get approval for a fire at your event, it is very straightforward. I have arranged the logistics and safety for hundreds of events in the past with out issue.

I’ve made this helpful PDF that will explain all the details about everything you need to know to have fire performance at your event. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”What if they don’t allow fire at my event? Can you perform without fire?”] Absolutely. Although fire has become what I am most known for, I have a huge variety of material that does not involve fire.

Glow shows, Contemporary Poi, Staff, Fan, Flag and Hoop Dance, Glass walking, Block Head, Magic Routines and much more. [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Is your show appropriate for families & children?”] Yes! The circumstances of each event are taken into account when writing the show. I have several family-friendly acts that may be a good fit for your event.

Years of having worked with children as a school teacher provides me with the knowledge and experience to write for children. My family acts are designed to entertain and hold the attention of even the most easily distracted child.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Where are you based? Are you willing to travel?”] Officially I am based in Calgary since my studio is there, although I spend a lot of time in Edmonton and Montreal these days.

I am always happy to travel, I love being on the road and performing in new cities. In or outside Canada is no problem, and I have never had trouble securing a work visa when needed.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”How did you get into all this?”] When I was still a young girl, I had the good fortune to meet and be-friend a very talented variety entertainer who showed me the ropes and helped me book my first few gigs.

Over the next couple years I met many unbelievable entertainers who pushed me to learn new skills, and constantly work to improve my acts.

Performing has become my life’s passion. I am grateful everyday for the amazing people who have helped me along the way.

[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”How much does your show cost?”] This is hard question since I’m not sure what you are looking for, if you email me I can give you exact pricing.

It may help to know that all of our artists have a minimum booking rate of $225, this is also our rate for 2 hours of roving.
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Guinness World Record!!

Carisa featured in a group photo of the top youth volunteers in Calgary on the 2004 Child and Youth Friendly Calgary annual report.