Durring her first year of art school at the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2007, Hendrix was asked by a fellow student to model for a photography project. Quickly one photo shoot became ten and before long, she had done over a hundred projects within two years. From 2014-2018, Hendrix worked often as a live figure model and with photographers around the city of Calgary and while on tour. She enjoyed the experience of working collaboratively with photographers and was always grateful to be creating beautiful pieces with so many incredible artists and photographers.

In 2011 Hendrix was crowned Miss Alt Calgary, for her alternative modelling work. She has since been featured in a number of magazines and galleries all over the world.

Model Mayhem Portfolio – Gallery

Modelling Photo Gone Viral

This image, first taken by photographer Derek Orr with editing by Carisa Hendrix herself, was featured on a number of secular and atheist websites, blogs and forums. It was initially popularized by this Reddit post by user PeteDarwin. It was shared on facebook over 10,000 times and continues to resurface occasionally. After reading a few comments, yes even the weird ones, she found that lots of people were looking for a wallpaper version, so she created one. Right-click to Download the Widescreen Wallpaper.

Modelling for Brian Bitista in 2011 was a rewarding experience for Hendrix. The live reference modelling done in studio was used to create this beautiful painting. Many people who saw it at the downtown Calgary gallery recognized Carisa from the painting immediately, mostly by her unusual pinky fingers, perfectly rendered in the work.

This painting now hangs in downtown Calgary at city hall.