Sideshow Stunt Girl Show – Carnival Stunts | Carisa Hendrix | Award Winning Magician, Circus Stunt Girl & Fire Eater | Calgary & Edmonton

Sideshow Stunt Girl Show – Carnival Stunts

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An Adorably Hilarious Carnival Stunt Show

Length: 5 – 45 minutes

Bring the thrill of the classic sideshow to your event with the odd and amazing acts of this darling little sideshow stunt girl.

Show type: Comedy, Circus, Sideshow, Fire, Magic and lots of Sass

Perfect for: Bars, Breweries, Dinner Shows, Festivals and Carnival Halloween, Vaudeville or Circus Themed Events.

Show Included Stunts Such as:
? Fire Eating & Fire Manipulation
? Bare Foot Glass Walking
? Sword and Daggar Stunts
? Needles Through The Arm
? Block Head
? Human Battery
? Angle Grinder
? and More

Guinness World Record Holding and internationally renown sideshow stunt girl Carisa Hendrix is a master of pain, physical endurance and mind over matter. Watch as she wills her body to do amazing and impossible acts from the classic sideshow.

“hilarious and adorable”

– Ryan Watson, Event Manager

“impossible to look away, it was amazing”

– Tim Wright, Events Coordinator

just blown away…ten out of ten.

– Megan Hurwitt, Events Coordinator