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Kids Circus Playshops

Website: KidsCircusWorkshops.com
Duration: 1hr – 6hrs
Age Range: Recommended ages 4–12 / Adult progams available
Venue: Best enjoyed outdoors or in an indoor open area such as a gym

[quote style=”1″]Best residency ever!! WO Mitchell loves you 🙂 Thank you![/quote] – Cynthia Engelbracht, Programing Coordinator at WO Mitchell School (April 20017)

Our workshops run as a 30-minute, one hour (1) or two hours (2) program. Students will enjoy a fast paced exciting program that includes a show with demos and a history of each prop, a warm-up activity, hands-on coaching, a cool-down activity, and optional activity sheets that can be left with teachers.

We focus on active learning through play, exploring the idea of difficult challenges and coping strategies around small failures. Children explore a wide variety of circus skills while building dexterity, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence. Workshops include all circus props, one coach, and a small sound system for fun circus music to set the mood.

Ideal ratios are 1 coach for every 15–20 children. Having additional coaches also allows us to incorporate more games and other additional activities.

Spinning Plates
Hula Hooping
Peacock Feather Balance
Staff Spinning
Ball, Rings, Club & Contact Juggling
Rhythmic Ribbon
Poi Spinning