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How did she get into magic?

Carisa Hendrix has always been fascinated by the art of magic. She has fond childhood memories everyone huddling around the TV watching magic specials on the couch. She was only six years old but at each commercial break her father would turn to her and ask her “how did they do that one?” and she would confidently reply with one of her outrageous and impossible theory, to which he’d always respond, “yup, I think you’re right”.

With no idea that magic books or magic clubs even existed, she started out by creating her own tricks to fool her classmates. Hiding playing cards in the library pockets at the back books and accidentally stumbling on a sloppy classic force. By high school, she had become a skilled fire eater and sideshow artist doing shows around town to help pay the bills. It wasn’t long before a local illusionist spotted her performing at a haunted house and, impressed by her natural stage presence, hired her on the spot as his new lovely assistant. Over the next few years, she would worked with a number different magicians as an assistant before eventually breaking out and creating a magic show of her own.

Since then Hendrix has done thousands of performance at corporate events, casinos and important magic venues like the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Chicago Magic Lounge and the House of Cards in Nashville. She has grow to become a well respected, award-winning magician, known in the industry for her highly original magic and her quick wit.

Performing for Comedy Heroes

In October of 2018 Hendrix was delighted to see Paul F Tompkins and his lovely wife walk into the LA Magic bar in Encino the night she was performing her close up show.

Hanging Out in the Magic World

Carisa working backstage at Magic Live! One of the world’s largest magic conventions. August 2016

[/column] [column size=”3-5″ last=”1″ ] Early images of Hendrix working as an assistant for three different magicians from 2005 – 2008