[quote style=”1″]I’ve seen her delight and I’ve seen her amaze. When Carisa is performing as Lucy Darling, anything can happen[/quote] – Rob Zabrecky

[quote style=”1″]Lucy Darling is one of the most exciting, hilarious magicians to come along in the last ten years. And some of the smartest things I’ve heard a magician say are in Carisa Hendrix’s lecture.[/quote] – John Lovick

[quote style=”1″]Lucy Darling has figured out that rare technique of of being in the moment. Her magic is good, plus she is funny and cute. All of that makes her a force to be reckoned with. [/quote] – Max Maven

[quote style=”1″]I’ve seen Carisa Hendrix (AKA Lucy Darling) perform for 50 people and 700 people. She crushed it both times. Carisa thinks deeply about her magic, her character, and her methods and is about to share that information. Get ready to learn from her years of experience.[/quote] – Chad Long

[quote style=”1″]There are those who are good at creating interesting stage characters. Then there are those who are good at explaining and teaching that skill. Carisa is one of those rare people who are good at both! She has both created a gallery of strong and engaging stage personas, and has the ability to articulate each character’s evolution in a way that is direct and comprehensible.[/quote] – Tom Stone

[quote style=”1″]Carisa Hendrix brings a breath of fresh air to a stale magic community. She is a talented magician, improviser, and creator of new effects.[/quote] – David Kaye

[quote style=”1″]“hilarious and adorable”[/quote] – Ryan Watson, Event Manager

[quote style=”1″]“impossible to look away, it was amazing”[/quote] – Tim Wright, Events Coordinator

[quote style=”1″]just blown away…ten out of ten.[/quote] – Megan Hurwitt, Events Coordinator