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High Impact Magic Designed for Small Stages and Quick Set Up

with amazing Calgary based magician Carisa Hendrix
Length: 10 – 90 minutes

A wonderful mix of comedy, carnival stunts, and amazing magical acts. You can expect lots of audience participation in this one-of-a-kind show, designed to thrills you with impossible stunts that push the limits of the human mind and body. This show designed to play big even on a small stage.

Visual Illusions
Audience Participation
Slight of Hand
Carnival Stunts
and More

[quote style=”1″]just blown away…ten out of ten.[/quote] – Megan Hurwitt, Events Coordinator for Toyota

[quote style=”1″]Everything was great last night. Both performers were a hit with the team. The magician had people laughing all night and the Fortune Teller had a line up![/quote] – Amanda Verge, Events Coordinator for Hines