Walk Around / Roving Magic | Carisa Hendrix | Award Winning Magician, Circus Stunt Girl & Fire Eater | Calgary & Edmonton

Walk Around / Roving Magic

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Cards, Coins and so many more close up Magic Effects

Length: Hourly

Magic is a universal language that brings everyone together with laughter and astonishment. A walk-around or close-up magician is the perfect way to get your party going and create a fun environment for your guests.

1. Walk-around magicians might take one or two short breaks during the event, to reset or change out their props.
2. Please note that walk-around magic is not the same as a stage-show act. Each type of magic is specifically designed for maximum impact in different environments.

Card Tricks
Coin Tricks
Mind Reading
Slight of Hand
and More

just blown away…ten out of ten.

– Megan Hurwitt, Events Coordinator for Toyota

Guinness World Record Holder Carisa Hendrix Guinness World Record Holder Carisa Hendrix