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Cards, Coins and so many more close up Magic Effects

Length: Hourly

Magic is a universal language that brings everyone together with laughter and astonishment. A walk-around or close-up magician is the perfect way to get your party going and create a fun environment for your guests.

1. Walk-around magicians might take one or two short breaks during the event, to reset or change out their props.
2. Please note that walk-around magic is not the same as a stage-show act. Each type of magic is specifically designed for maximum impact in different environments.

Card Tricks
Coin Tricks
Mind Reading
Slight of Hand
and More

[quote style=”1″]just blown away…ten out of ten.[/quote] – Megan Hurwitt, Events Coordinator for Toyota

Guinness World Record Holder Carisa Hendrix Guinness World Record Holder Carisa Hendrix