A semi-improvised comedy magic show with the fabulous Lucy Darling

Recorded December 2019 at the Chicago Magic Lounge and present to you as a small gesture of kindness in these uncertain times.

With massive event cancelations, self-quarantines, and social distancing, it can be hard to keep your mood up and avoid feeling trapped in your own home. I can’t do much, but I can offer this small ray of sunshine. I hope this show will make you smile and forget about your worries, if only for an hour. Grab a drink and imagine you are here in this beautiful theatre with us. I’m so happy to be able to make this show available to you for free, while we wait for things to return to normal. 
Please stay healthy and safe. All my love,
Carisa & Lucy

Written and performed by Carisa Hendrix.
Filmed and edited by Jack Brandtman.

Credits & Thanks

“Indulgence” first premiered in Australia at the Melbourne Magic Festival in July 2019, and was performed Wednesdays in October, November, and December 2019 during Hendrix’s three-month artist regency at the Chicago Magic Lounge.

Written and performed by Carisa Hendrix.
Filmed and edited by Jack Brandtman.
Introduction recorded by David Kovac.
Lighting design by Ryan Plunkett.
Sound design & original music by Carisa Hendrix & Neil Gunhold with assistance from Ryan Plunkett.
Tables and additional props built & designed by Carisa Hendrix except where otherwise credited.

This show is dedicated to Ron Dorre whose generosity and kind, calming spirit in Australia during the first-ever Lucy show made all the difference. May he live on in the art he supported and in the hearts of those who loved him.

Costume selected with the help of magic legend Pam Thompson and tailored with the help of Anni Christina and Rob Balchunas. Wig styling by Nirvana and Diva Lust.

Thank you to Rob Zabrecky for early support on character design & David Lerigny for accent coaching.

Thank you to Denny Haney and Miranda Allen for creative help with the Any Named Drink routine and to Vernon Hendrix with assistance on the build.

Small martini shaker designed and built by Roger Nicot, cherry hand-sculpted by Carisa Hendrix.

Book Production created and designed by Carisa Hendrix with additional creative support from Bizzaro.

Thank you for creative help on the linking finger ring routine from Tom Stone, Cat Boult, and the class of 2019 Conjuring Workshop in Sweden.

Thank you to Robert Woodbury for aesthetic support  on the bottles.

Special thanks to the Chicago Magic Lounge and all the people who have made that venue the wonderful place it is including Benjamin Barnes, Joey Cranford, Don Clark, Cynthia Ferkol, Lesley Stone, Jan Rose, Danny Orleans, Paige Thompson, Daniel Phelps, Al James, Jeff Bibik, Luis Carreon, Mago Gozner, Jeff Dygola, Nathan Colwell, Danny Rudnick, Deven Brown, Aaron Ellsworth, Lars Ebsworth, TJ Shanoff, Angela Couling, Jonathan Kamm, John Sturk, Brooke Grassby, Jenny Wiecek, Magic Sam, Jonathan Koeller and Justin Purcell.

Additional thanks to John Lovick​, John Reid, Bizzaro​, Alba, Kayla Dresher, David Parr​, Joe Diamond​, Tim Ellis​, Simon Tj, Jimbo Jordan​, Jason Melnychuk​, Lorena Watters, Trevor Watters, Chris Visser​, Sandy Marshall, Dave Cox, Scott Green and Ken Weber for their notes and suggestions.

Thank you to Jamie Tea for starting the journey with me.

Thank you so Julie Eng, David Ben, the Allan Slaight family, and everyone at Magicana for the Rising Canadian Star award that came with a generous cash price that, in part, funded this show.

Photographer Jon-Christian Ashby and assistant Mae Fyre for the image used for the poster. And to Jeff Robertson for support on that photo shoot. Post banner image ‘courtesy of the Chicago Magic Lounge – Photo credit Trainman Photography

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