Thank you so much for purchasing the notes on the book production. I’m so happy you’re considering adding this wonderful routine to your repertoire. I hope you had a wonderful time at the lecture and learned something new. But above all I hope you had a great time and maybe feeling a little inspired.

Topological Oddities Build and Design Notes

Click on the download link bellow to be taken the design notes. You can download and print them anytime, this page will always be available to you.

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If you are wondering where to purchase the plastic sheets nessesary for making your book gimmick, you can a few sheets online. Here are the ones I ordered from amazon. If you have access to a Michael’s Craft you can also the plastic from their large cheap frames. Make sure to check that it is indeed a plastic frame and not actually glass, I’ve made that mistake before.

If you don’t already have a good exacto knife, ruler or cutting surface, here is an inexpensive option.

Book Force Page

This is the newest version of the book force page which I use in performance to have an audience member pick the Harry Potter book. This new version is currently sitting at a 94% hit rate. The list itself does a lot of the work for you, but it will also rely on your performance and the language you use when asking the spectator to make the selection. Asking them to pick a book they know, they recognize, maybe they have read before, these will help you get the force more consistently. Watch the performance video for reference.

Book Texture

This book texture is used as a wrap around for the pop-up section of the book. It can be printed on regular printer paper at home or for a slightly more durable and waterproof option you can have it printed on adhesive vinyl at a print shop such as Staples.



If you have any questions please email me at

These instructions are intended to help you create an appearing book of your very own for the purposes of live performance. The purchase of these design elements and instructions do not grant you the right to create the appearing book for mass production or perform it on TV. Thank you.

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